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Who are we?

Anne Zielinski
Butler Home Service is a service aimed at property owners of their primary or secondary homes who are not able to spend the necessary time on the upkeep, the rentals, the buying or the selling of real estate.
Butler Home Service is fully committed to the partial or full management of your property.
Butler Home Service is a team of professionals who have been in the real estate sector in Le Touquet since 2011.
As a private manager of your property, the intendant is your exclusive go to person, acting and taking care of your property in your absence, to put a smile on your face and to enable you to fully enjoy your stay in le Touquet.

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Price list of services

This price list is relative to our services and does not include the full range of services but only informs you on the basic costs. To obtain a full & definitive quote, we would like to ask you to contact us via email at or on + 33 677 412 421. We will reply within 48 hours with regards to your enquiry.

Caretaking service


Would you like to enjoy your secondary property in the same way you enjoy your primary property without all the hassle ?
BHS is for you!
Your time is precious, you want to fully enjoy your stay without the hassle of basic logistics such as food shopping, putting the heating to warm up your property if you arrive late, preparing the bedrooms ?
Butler Home Service offers the services of an attendant who will be in charge of everything regarding your arrival as well as after your departure:
I. Indoor maintenance: cleaning, bedding, tidying, glaziery, packed meal, odd jobs, DIY, chimney sweeping, heating, ironing.
II. Outdoor maintenance: mowing of the lawn, hedge cutting, upkeep of patios, odd jobs, weeding, upkeep of low walls & alleyways, upkeep of swimming pool and spa.
III. Caretaking: supervision of the property during your absence, airing and regular spot checks of indoors, inspection and intervention when needed in case of damage (water damage, storm damage, etc…
IIII. Renovation work: local provider search, obtaining and negotiating quotes, monitoring of renovation work as well as regular reports of the current status of renovation work.

indoors/outdoors maintenance of the property
upkeep of greenery indoors/outdoors

Buying/Selling of property

Do you wish to purchase a new property or sell an existing one but you don’t have the time or your location does not allow you to attend a potential visit?
Butler Home Service gives you the opportunity to be accompanied by an expert in the field of real estate in Le Touquet. That person would accompany you according to the list of requirements you give them.
This specification is created during a consultation between you and your estate agent which will result in the following process:
- Research criteria (type of property, sector, location, budget, financing)
- Market research, selection of properties on the market according to your requirements
- Organization of the visit calendar according to your availability - Property offer, negociation of the price according to your budget
- Management of your account and accompaniment to the various agencies in charge of the transaction until completion of the buying/selling of your property.

Rental management

Do you want to optimize the depreciation of additional financial costs of your real estate by renting it out occasionally or long term without having to worry about it? Without any pressure and securely? 
Butler Home service offers to manage the process fully or partially, it’s up to you to choose amongst our many options.

1. Full rental management service :
- Creation & publication of rental ads on reliable websites
- Up to date availability
- Management of rental contacts (seasonal lease, fully furnished rental, lease 3/6/9)
- Welcome and mediation of tenants
- Issuing and returning of keys
- Inventory of entrance & exit
- Availability during the rental in case of need or specific questions
- Arrangement of cleaning, linen and laundry
2.Short term rental service
- Welcome and mediation of tenants
- Issuing & receiving of the keys
- Inventory of entrance & exit

Fully accompanied visits for the buying or selling of your property